Oct 022011
Switching Banks - Step by Step Guide

Tweet The last few days, I’ve been fussing pretty hard about Bank of America (BofA). I’ve found a lot of people are reluctant to change banks, simply because it’s a huge hassle. For me, it took less than an hour of my time (20 minute drive to the bank, 10-15 visit to close the account […]

Oct 012011
Too Stupid to Leave

Tweet So we have the companies who are Too Big to Fail. Meet the customers who are Too Stupid to Leave. 🙂 With all the talk about Bank of America (BofA) these days, I’m wondering why people are sticking around. It’s not like this week’s news with the $5 debit card fees is the first […]

Sep 302011
Cut the Umbilical Cord: #BofA

Tweet So I’ve known for quite a time, Bank of America (BofA) and I have not been working. Sometimes it’s just so hard to let get. I know folks might not understand loyalty to a business that doesn’t care about its customers. I want to share with you… a trip down memory lane. Many, many […]