Trinity’s Destiny (WIP)

This page is in the works. If you’ve read I Loved You First, you’re familiar with a character named Trinity. I actually started her story before I Loved You First was even an inkling in my mind. I had big plans for young Trinity… a trilogy to be precise–Trinity’s Destiny. Still do, in fact. The problem with Trinity and her story is the first draft.

She was my very first attempt at first person… well, it’s more than that. She was just plain one of my very first attempts at writing. When I opened her unfinished story and took a look, my immediate response was “eww.”

That’s right folks… what we have here is a shitty draft. Her first book needs a total revamp, but it exhausts me just to think about it. What I probably should do is scrap it and start from scratch… oh it’s so hard to start over for me. But now that I’m verbalizing (writing) it here, I’m feeling a bit of motivation to do just that. After I wrap up at least the second book of the Striped Ones.

That’s another thing. Trinity plays a role in the final book of the Striped Ones series also. The girl gets around. I’m still trying to figure out a timeline and all. What I do picture is Trinity meeting Alex after the final book of Trinity’s Destiny. I know, I know. I’m writing things out of order. Well, that’s the way the muse works sometimes.

In relation to the Striped Ones series: based on her character growth, Trinity seems to be between book two and three. So the titles I have planned for my young girl!

  • Trinity’s Awakening
  • Trinity’s Descent
  • Trinity’s Redemption

If I can get my act together, I’ll likely start working on Trinity’s Awakening after my first pass on Shadows Within (book 2 of The Striped Ones series). If I’m really, really good, I might be on track to start Trinity’s Descent during NaNoWriMo. I’m really looking towards book 2. I don’t know how it’ll beginning, but I definitely know how it’ll end. I’m so excited!