I Loved You First

I Loved You First is my first attempt at the New Adult genre. I have others in the making which include Trinity, a gal you’ll meet in I Loved You First. For now, sit back and enjoy the read.

Alexandria (Alex) Carmichael guards two secrets close to her heart. One–she’s in love with her best friend, Seth. Two–he’s gay.

As a freshman in college, Alex looks forward to fun times with her best friend. When Seth decides cycling through girlfriends is the way to fit in with the straight crowd, Alex must make a choice: watch Seth give his affection–though phony–to another while her heart breaks or come clean with her feelings and risk losing his friendship forever.

I LOVED YOU FIRST is a new adult love story told through the eyes of Alex, an African-American/Caucasian student, who takes a journey of self-discovery while watching her best friend come to terms with his sexuality.

Chapter 1

Published July 30, 2011

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