Dec 242011
Writing Update #5

Tweet It’s time for another progress report. 🙂 Yesterday I published Injustice Is Served. My original goal was too see it out the door this past Wednesday. A few items happened to prevent that. 1) I got lazy and found myself one day behind schedule. Then I was too lazy to catch up. haha. Then […]

Dec 142011
Writing Update #4

Tweet I’ve been quite distracted lately. The internet. Most of you know what I mean. This is what I want to do: Unplug for a week. As you might recall, I released Unprotected on Monday with a promise to release Injustice Is Served shortly. I cannot tell you how much I want to get Injustice […]

Dec 092011
Writing Update #3

Tweet Seems we’ve reached another milestone. 🙂 Unprotected is just about ready for publication. I need to listen to it once or twice, and that’s it. For those who aren’t aware of my style, my routine look something like this: Prepare outline/character profiles (if necessary) Write 1st draft (StoryBox) Edit 1st draft for style Spell […]

Dec 082011

Tweet You might notice my WIP progress widget has changed. That’s right! I’ve put Control Freak: She’s Mine on the shelf for now. I’ve written all I’m gonna write with the first draft. What’s not done with it? Well, I still have the erotic scenes to knock out. I tend to skip them until just […]

Dec 022011
Writing Update #1

Tweet   NaNo is over, and I’ve got new plans from this day forth. Though the New Year isn’t here, I’m quite excited about my goals. In the past, I’ve done Working Wednesdays on my blog (Ramblings of an Amateur Writer). Well, I’m doing away with that and trying something a little different. Why? First […]

Mar 062010
Chasing Shadows (WIP)

Tweet Stray Cat Chasing Shadows The Past Never Dies As the runt of the litter, Kecil should have died young. The day her mother was murdered, she wished she had. Six years later, her mother’s killer comes out of hiding. Small, insignificant, and useless to her clan, Kecil seeks the wehr-tiger who destroyed her world. […]