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Leaving high school, there were three things I wanted to do with my life—work in business, computers, and psychology—that’s exactly what I did.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in business information systems and landed a job as a business systems analyst shortly before graduating. Woot! Business (check), Computers (check) and life was great. At least until the corporate executives made a few bad business decisions and the company went under.

So I went back to the drawing board—just one of my many excuses to go back to school (one of my greatest joys). This time, I tried my lot in psychology (check). The mind is a wonderful thing to waste…or is that terrible? Earning an advance degree in psychology, I hit the streets running.

As a counselor I helped young troubled girls. Later, I became an instructor working toward social change. Around came summer vacation, and I had nothing but time on my hands. Needing something to keep me busy during the break, I took to writing. And I loved it! With my first novel complete, I donned the title author.

I now write full-time, enjoying the job of my dreams.

Somewhere out there, there’s a statistic which says the average person changes careers seven times in a lifetime. Well who cares about statistics? Not when there’s an imaginary world out there to capture on paper!


So I’m loving the paranormal genre. Why? Well step right in, and I’ll tell ya! Why Paranormal?