Chasing ShadowsIn the last few days, I’ve put some time into Chasing Shadows. I know… that book should have been out a year ago… more than a year ago. As I started editing it, I felt it just wasn’t sexy enough. Then I had that recent life glitch. Now I’m energized and motivated to go at it again.

My plans!

I’ve added a chapter of sexiness which I’m writing now. Once that’s out of the way, I’ll do one of two things. Either I’ll skip to the end and finish editing where I left off, which was editing the last three chapters… possibly writing a bit more to the end to round it out. OR I’ll start at the beginning again and read through. It’ll give me a chance to catch more errors, plus make sure the additions and changes I’ve made work.

Either way, I’ll have to read through all again to ensure consistency. The biggest thing is staying motivated and on track to actually knock this book out.

Hopefully, finishing this book will motivate me to get around to the others. I currently have three other books which are 75-90% finished in terms of the first draft. I say almost finished because I believe they were all NaNoWriMo novels. 🙂 And we know how scary those novels can be.

So that’s where I am. Wish me luck!

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