Jun 162013

I have done it again. I have developed my umpteenth website. Hardly enough time to rest, yet I couldn’t resist. When the concept entered my head, I had to do it.:).

It’s obvious. When it comes to sex, I can’t stop thinking about it. Well, not mundane, everyday sex … awesome sex. Long before I began writing, I had constant thoughts of sex running through my mind. And now I have an internet site to add fuel to my obession.


I love to share, and I hope you do also. Cause that’s what My Female Orgasm is all about. Join me with your tidbits and comments.

So, My Female Orgasm is just in it’s infancy, so don’t expect a whole website loaded like Ramblings of an Amateur Author … yet. And of course, you’ll help fill the web pages… right?

Anyway… drop in, send a post, and be prepared to be pleasured!

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