I swear my plans never seem to align with my motivation. I meant to accomplish so much last month. Well, that was my plan at the start of the New Year. Then an abundance of happenings sucked my motivation… mostly school. It seems I’m one of those people who can only concentrate seriously on one thing at a time.

When I started school in January, I was totally involved. I had my assignments done ahead of time. I was putting in a bit of study time, doing well on quizzes. I was rocking. But my writing life suffered.

From January through March, I hardly did anything on the writing front. Four weeks left of class, and my motivation toward school is winding down, while my motivation to get some writing done is increasing.

Already I’m behind in one of my physical classes, and a couple of weeks behind on my online continuing education courses. Good grief, I totally need to catch up.

So what’s been happening on the writing front?

Well, originally I’d planned to release Chasing Shadows last month. That didn’t happen. My motivation for that book waxes and wanes. Slowly I chip away at the polishing.

I think I had planned to release Control Freak: She’s Mine last month also… if nothing else, then this month. Well, I’m happy to announce I’ve been working away at She’s Mine. It’s almost done. If I can find the imagination, I’ll be able to whip out the last bit within the next day or two.  I’m hoping to find a beta reader for the VERY rough draft before I begin polishing it. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone with this one, and I’m curious to know if the plot works.

I completely revamped Injustice is Served. A review called the cover weird. I asked a writing buddy about it, and he said the title and cover didn’t exactly match. So perhaps that threw off some readers. So I’m trying a new cover. Simple, to the point… I’m hoping it’s not too plain. I’m looking at it, and an idea is formulating. 🙂 This cover might go through a few more changes before all is said and done.

I’ve also decided to offer each of the stories in Injustice is Served separately. I’m not going to post all the covers in this post, but I will leave you a link.

So that’s about it for now. I’m really looking forward to releasing the next story in the Control Freak series. I really hope the cover isn’t too racy for the distributors. 🙂 I also did gave the Control Freak books a new look. Mostly just changed the font a little. A little less plain.

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