So we’re registered in the national do not call thingamajig. Yet somehow folks still call every day asking us to take their silly surveys or try their products. What gives?

Well, yesterday some woman called about participating in a retirement survey. She started by asking if anyone in the house was between 25 and 29 years. I said no. I figured we were done. Then she asked ME if I was between 25 and 29 years. What? Are you stupid? I didn’t say that, but that’s what I thought. No, I’m not between 25 and 29. I just told, you no one in the house is between that age.

I know what you’re thinking… didn’t you just turn 27 this year for the umpteenth time? Yes, dammit! I am 27!!! Three cubed! And you better not tell anyone otherwise.

So anyway, next she asked if I was between 25 and 75 years old. Why yes I am! 🙂 Then she asked if I’d participate. I said maybe. 🙂 That’s always my answer to the start of a survey. Okay… I’m curious, let’s just say. First questions she asks is, what year were you born?

All of a sudden, I’m not in the mood to answer survey questions. If you follow my blog, you know I’m not eager to give my age to ANYONE. I’ve done my best to repress the number myself. I had to pull out a calculator for the census in 2010, but that’s another story. I don’t want to participate, I tell her.

I don’t know what happened after that, but we part ways.

Today, the phone rings and I recognize the phone number. Can’t remember what it’s about, but quickly realize it’s the retirement survey people again. I politely wait until someone comes on the line. They have that silly call folks but wait until the homeowner picks up before bothering to put a representative online thing going. As soon as she tells me who she is, I say, “Please take me off your calling list.”

Here’s when things go weird. She asks, “Are you sure?”

Okay… what kind of question is that. You called yesterday, and I didn’t want to play. You should have scratched me off as a lead right then and their. I don’t say that of course. Instead, I say, “Yes, that’s why I said it.”

She follows up with, “Well, wouldn’t you like to answer a few questions first?”

What? Are you kidding me? I thought take me off your calling list was some kind of magic phrase. Like abracadabra and the bunny disappears. Or take me off your calling list and the solicitor disappears forever.

I hate when people answer a question with a question. Well this time I did. “Are you harassing me?”

I’m sure she wasn’t. I just figured the question would be a great wake up call. We had a moment of awkward silence. Finally she says, “No… I just thought you’d like to answer the questions.”

We are so not going there again. “Just go ahead and take me off your calling list,” I say.”

“Uh… okay.”

Now the woman didn’t sound addlebrained, so I’m assuming she was toying with me or had a brain fart.

Now, I don’t hate telemarketers. I spent a few months telemarketing in my younger days, which is why I’d think a telemarketer would appreciate the take me off your calling list response, especially one early in the call. It gives them the opportunity to move on to the next. I don’t know about this woman, but I received a base pay plus bonuses for sales, so I definitely want to waste time on a no-sale.

Why she acted like her survey was so great it was shocking someone didn’t want to participate is a mystery to me.

So how are the telemarketers treating you these days? 🙂

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