I’ve been quite distracted lately. The internet. Most of you know what I mean. This is what I want to do: Unplug for a week.

As you might recall, I released Unprotected on Monday with a promise to release Injustice Is Served shortly. I cannot tell you how much I want to get Injustice Is Served out by Christmas, next Wednesday if I can push it. If you haven’t already picked up Unprotected, you want to do that and send your proof of purchase to me so you can receive a free copy of Injustice Is Served upon release (see details here – offer ends December 18, 2011). Also, if you’ve already purchased your copy, don’t forget to send your proof of purchase.

Now Editing

Injustice Is Served ~ It includes 7 flash fiction/short stories. Well, I guess they just miss the cut off for flash fiction, but I’m still going to call them that because the stories are so short. They’re all between 1-2k words. The first story is available as a free download at Smashwords and pretty much all other major digital retailers except Amazon. The giant makes it nearly impossible to put a work up for free, so they miss out completely with the sample. Pick it up; it’s yours. I’ve already got my copy. 🙂

So where am I with Injustice Is Served. So I mentioned 7 stories and the 1st one is already available. That leaves six to prepare for publication. I’ve gone through the first edits on all but the last story. I’m working on that tonight and tomorrow. From there, I’ll be running each story through AutoCrit and feeding each story individually to my beta readers after I do the AutoCrit touch ups.

One more editing pass, and it’ll be ready for publication.

For now, you can add Injustice Is Served to your Goodreads list.

Also during my internet vacation!

I’ve been thinking about making a sexually tame version of Shadow Cat. My 14-year-old would like to read it, and I think there’s a bit too much graphic sex in it for her. It’d be nice to provide her a blush-free version.

Plus! I plan to apply a few suggestions I’ve picked up through reviews over the past year to the new version. It’ll make the work a bit shorter. I see myself eliminating four chapters… the first 3 and superfluous sex scene. Ways to incorporate the pertinent information is already formulating in my mind.

Hopefully I’ll be able to release it as an anniversary type thing. Shadow Cat will have it’s one year anniversary January 7, 2012. Check out the cover I have planned for it.

As soon as I knock out Injustice Is Served, revamping A Tiger Leaves His Stripes will be next on my list.

On the Writing Front

I’m supposed to be working on Unforgettable Summer. That’s fallen to the wayside these last few days (week). Every night I lay in bed thinking about it, so hopefully next time I open that project (tomorrow?), I’ll have some words to put down.

So that’s that. Twitter buddies! Don’t expect me to be very active this week. Besides, I’m thinking you’d prefer a new release over my idle chatter anyway. 🙂 See ya soon.

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