You might notice my WIP progress widget has changed. That’s right! I’ve put Control Freak: She’s Mine on the shelf for now. I’ve written all I’m gonna write with the first draft.

What’s not done with it? Well, I still have the erotic scenes to knock out. I tend to skip them until just before I’m ready to edit. I’m not sure why, but I hardly ever feel motivated to write erotic scenes during the first draft. Perhaps it’s just a bad habit (procrastination) of mine. Regardless, it’ll be there waiting for me when it’s time for editing.

So what’s next? Well, I have this May-November piece I’ve been dying to write. For now, it’s tentatively titled Unforgettable Summer. I often draw from experiences in my life. This idea formed while watching an attractive young man in a restaurant. 🙂 Today I’m sharing the first couple of unedited paragraphs.

“I chose Van Buren University because it has an excellent co-op program. One of the best in the country,” the young man at the table kitty-corner to me said. Dark hair, lopsided smile. He had to be straight out of high school, eighteen maybe… or so I hoped.

I listened as he rattled on about fellowships, internships, scholarships, and any other -ships he could think of. The words didn’t matter, only the youthful timber of his voice–incredibly deep for one so young.

I’m still working on Unprotected. I’m seriously going slow with this. Like I said, I hate editing. It’s less than 5k long, but I’ve split it into 8 sections. I skipped editing the last two days, but I’m going to work it hard today. Maybe I’ll make up those two days (or maybe one of them) before the night ends. We’ll see. So far I’ve finished 4 of the sections, so I’m half-way there. I definitely plan to see this to publication this month. Then I’ll move on to Injustice Is Served. I’m really looking forward to that piece. 😀

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