NaNo is over, and I’ve got new plans from this day forth. Though the New Year isn’t here, I’m quite excited about my goals.

In the past, I’ve done Working Wednesdays on my blog (Ramblings of an Amateur Writer). Well, I’m doing away with that and trying something a little different. Why?

First off, I want my blog to be more about giving and less about what I’m doing on the writer front. It just seems like this is the better place to share me. 🙂 Also, I’m looking for a bit more flexibility. There have been days I’ve wanted to do updates, but felt I had to wait until Wednesday. Then Wednesday would roll around, and I’d miss it or be too busy to bother. Here the updates will be less consistent, but more to meet my needs.

So… my first set of goals.

I’ll be keeping a widget on what I’m writing and what I’m editing at the time. If you look to the write, you’ll see I have two covers up now. 🙂


Unprotected ~ This is a short story which is currently about 4k words in length. I already know what I want to do with the cover. It’s just a matter of getting the image. So keep an eye out for that. I anticipate having this work finished by next Friday/Saturday. It’s short enough, I feel comfortable having my husband look over it for glitches and some proofreading. From there, it’s off to publication.

I haven’t decided if this will be a free work or not. I do plan on releasing it to Smashwords for free, at least for a short period. It’s more of an experience I want to share with the world rather than a money making venture. But we’ll see. I might find myself wanting $$$. 🙂 After all, I am running a business.

This is basically a fictional memoir about an event which happened to me about this time last year. I wrote it the night of the incident but debated if I wanted to share it or not. Well, I’m ready.


Control Freak: She’s Mine ~ This is the third short story in the Control Freak series. I’m rather liking these pieces and anticipate putting together a few more. We’ll see when the ideas run out. 🙂 Like the other two, this will be between 3-5k words.

Since I’ve been using Write or Die with a goal of 1k words a day, I see myself finishing the first draft by early next week.

If I write enough of these, I might turn it into a short story collection.Wouldn’t that be fun!

Next update will likely be next week when I start work on the next story. My goal is to continually work on a writing and editing project simultaneously. That way I can get more works to my readers in a reasonable time frame.

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