When I was younger I was big into hitting the snooze button. For some reason, I thought if I knew the time was passing, I’d wake up more rested… or something like that.

Then something happened during early adult. I don’t remember where I was or why it happened, but the alarm was set for the exact time I need to go off, and holy cow! I felt more refreshed than ever. The drag me out of bed feeling I had after hitting the snooze button 3-4 times wasn’t there. That’s when I realized I was screwing myself by interrupting my sleep.

Fast forward several…. MANY, MANY years. I met my husband, married him, and started sleeping in the same bed with him. Cause that’s what married folks do, right? But what the hell, he was a snooze button addict.

At first, it bothered me… A LOT. I don’t like being woken up a dozen times when I’m trying to rest. It was a constant issue. And I couldn’t understand why he was so stubborn and willing to short himself out of sleep like that. I swear it’s like having sleep apnea, but instead of breathing being the problem, the alarm clock is.

When you think about how devastating sleep apnea is to a person (which I’m convinced my husband also has), because they constantly wake during the night, it makes sense having to turn off the alarm clock multiple times can have a similar affect. Hey… but that’s just my logic.

Eventually I lost my job, and the time on the clock became less important. I could sleep in if I wanted and stay up WAY too late working (that’s writing, in case you didn’t know). I became a night owl, and the alarm clock became a noise I grew accustomed to ignoring. My husband flopping around or getting out of bed to turn off the alarms hardly bothered me enough to care.

And here we are today. My youngest has started preschool, and I’m responsible for getting him out of bed, ready for school, and dropping him off. We’re the first to get up: 7 am. I just want to sleep until 7 am.

Since school has started, I’ve been dealing with the snooze button issue. Why the hell is the alarm going off at 6:00 am? NO ONE needs to get up that early in our house. Like I said, I’m the first one who needs to rise. My son and I are the first out the house.

The last straw was on Thursday, after my husband had fallen asleep on the recliner a few days in a row, and I’d found myself in control of the clock issue. The 6 am alarm went off, and I turned it off each day… didn’t hit snooze. Just TURNED IT off. I didn’t bother with turning off the 6 am. In the back of my mind, I said he probably had it set like that for his early days. Besides, one gap in my sleep wasn’t too bad… plus, I had the entire hour to recover.

Thursday, he found his way back to bed. 6 am rolled around and for the next hour, the alarm went of every 5 effing minutes! Every 5 minutes I was fussing up a storm. Quit hitting the snooze button. Turn the damned thing off. I don’t know how was his eventual response. The blue light, you dumb fuck (okay… I didn’t call him a dumb fuck, but that’s what I was thinking). Then his phone clock decided to join the party. WTF.

After the snooze fiasco (which you might have heard me complaining about on twitter), my husband seemed to agree that we didn’t have to have a 6 am alarm. In fact, he didn’t even know how the 6 am thing happened.

My daughter and I fiddled with the clock before we had to leave that morning. I don’t know how we did it, but we managed to turn off the 6 am clock, because Friday came along, and the only alarm which went off was at 7 am. Keep in mind, my husband fell asleep in the recliner, again. I woke up in a somewhat pleasant mood, considering I was awake at 7 am.

Skip to today. I’m expecting a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Only… my husband’s phone alarm goes off. !?!?! “Is it 7 am?” I ask. No. It’s 6:55. Why!!?!? Who needs to get up at 6:55?!!?!? He said it’s always been set at that time. 10 seconds later… I. Kid. You. Not. My husband is snoring, and I’m wide awake, waiting for my alarm to go off and spitting mad.

Five minutes later, his phone alarm goes off AGAIN. “It’s 7am?” I ask. Yeah. I can’t believe the regular alarm didn’t go off. So I get up, walk around the bed to see what’s up with the alarm. It’s 6:59.

We had words. Okay… that’s not true. I had words. A LOT of them. At least we agreed the snooze was an inconsiderate tool. Let’s see if that translates to it not going off before it’s time for me to get up in the morning tomorrow.

So my question is: Are you a snooze button addict? If you are, I promise I won’t say anything nasty about you in the comments. I’ll keep those thoughts to myself. 🙂

And if you are addicted to the snooze button, what’s your rational behind hitting it?

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