StressAs some of you know, I’ve been doing the #ROW80 challenge. The month of January went quite well. I changed my goals once or twice, but all for the good. I did quite a bit of writing before I decided to focus on the finishing touches Shadow Cat. A few days later, and I was able to release my baby into the world, I got a great deal of marketing done (though much of the efforts won’t be seen until next month). All in all, January rocked.

Then came February. It started off well, but somewhere along the line I got involved in way too many things. ‘m the type of person who shuts down when overwhelmed, and true to my nature, that’s exactly what I did. I’d planned to write at least 1100 words per day with the two WIPs. My average probably came to about 500 words/day in the first two weeks of February. Add that to the fact, I hardly kept up with anything else. Okay, I’m lying. I didn’t keep up with much of anything else besides email. 🙂

So yesterday I decided to clean house. I unsubscribed to pretty much everything. Sorry my writing friends, but you know how it is. Writing comes first. I’ll visit your blogs when I have time. Thanks for understanding. And if you don’t, God bless you anyway.

Today, I woke up with a total of 3-4 new emails. OH MY WORD! I cannot tell you how those few emails brightened my day compared to waking up to 30-50 emails. I managed to go through the 15-20 emails I didn’t get to before I went to bed last night, plus conquer some of the tasked I’d put off earlier in the week.

I AM CAUGHT UP ON LIFE! It’s not even 3 pm, and I still have energy to write.:)

So this is what folks mean when they say you have to pick and choose what works for you.

Have you found yourself having to cut back in order to find that happy balance?

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