So I got to the end of this post and realize I have a thing for rambling… again. Oh well.

I hear people talking about this spring cleaning thing every year. The concept has always been lost on me. Who cares what’s in the attic? If folks don’t want stuff, why save it for later? And if Christmas decorations, why take it down in the spring to look at it when it’s just going to be stored away again until winter.

I understand where the idea of spring cleaning came from when I tackled my yard this week. It started last weekend, I believe. I decided to clean out three of the raised garden beds. Yesterday, I cleaned three more and two of the four gigantic potters I use for tomatoes. Before I go into the spring cleaning I did this afternoon, let me share with you the planting I did yesterday.

First, I have to say, I love starting my little greenies from seeds. Normally, I start indoors, nourishing my little twigs. The problem with that, by the time my babies are big enough to go outside, I’ve often lost interest. haha And my little twigs are on the verge of death. OR They get all long and spindly. This year, I’m trying something new and sowing my seeds straight into the ground.

Okay, I’m an amateur gardener, plus I’m lazy. What that means in the world of Reena’s Garden is everything gets planted at once. So yesterday, I threw okra, turnip, squash, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, onion, and pepper seeds into the ground. Which reminds me, I forgot to get artichoke seeds. CURSES!!!!

So today we took a trip to Wally World. I still have one more raised bed. A few years ago, I picked up some strawberries from Lowes. The things grow like weeds but produce these pitiful -looking fruits I refuse to eat. Today, good old husband dear sprayed them with weed killer like the pests they are. In a couple of days, I’m planting asparagus in the bed. Oh how I love asparagus. 🙂 DH said they grow like grass. He’s such a good man to let me try them. If they get lose, I’m sure they’ll ruin our lawn. Can you imagine? Friends come over and say, I thought you planted zoysia. Yeah… zoysia is so old school. This year asparagus is big.

As for my efforts today, I cleaned along side the back fence. Last year I had morning glories and moon flowers running up them. This year, I’m going to try my hand at white corn. DH also put some more weed killer back there. In a couple of days, I’ll add more soil and throw down my corn seeds.

And then there’s the front yard. What a mess! I cleared one side of the sidewalk. Apparently the pinestraw overtook the flower bed I started last year. <sigh> And my poor dear husband isn’t happy the dog’s been kicking up the straw in piles all around the yard. The man’s decided to take drastic measures and move the electronic fence. Guess the old stingy dog will be stuck in the back this year. 🙂

In other news: We just got another batch of Girl Scout Cookies. My husband said, I’m going to be so tired of them. I said, “dude.” Yeah. I still use the term dude. “You’re supposed to freeze them and eat them throughout the year.” Of course, my husband knows me so well and said those cookies won’t last throughout the week. He’s probably right.

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