Shadow Cat Cover ArtThe Goodreads giveaway for Shadow Cat ended yesterday. 732 people signed up for the giveaway. It was quite exciting to see so many individuals take interest in my little novel. 🙂 I can hardly wait to finish another novel so I can enroll it in a Goodreads giveaway also. Perhaps next time around I’ll be able to offer more copies. We’ll see.

Okay. So the giveaway is over. And I love every last person who entered, cause you really left me with a great feeling. For the 731 individuals who came shy of winning, I do have great news for you all. Shadow Cat is available in the digital format for $0.99 until this coming Sunday at Amazon and Barnes &Nobles. Afterward, you’ll find it available at the normal price which will be $2.99-3.99.


As for writers curious about my Goodreads stats since starting the giveaway, I have a quick breakdown. Before the giveaway, 12 individuals had Shadow Cat on their to-read list. As of now, 78 people have it on their to-read list. Whether or not they’ll get around to reading Shadow Cat, I have no idea. I know how to-read lists are. Sometimes they get out of hand and still continue to grow. 🙂

One thing I can say, is the giveaway did get my cover in front of people. If we use the number of individuals who entered as clicks and assume all the people who added it to their reading list did so because of the giveaway, the numbers look pretty great.

It cost me less than $9 to ship Shadow Cat to a US resident (the winner). It was open to Canadians as well, and would have cost less than $12, I believe. Perhaps next time I’ll be able to offer the giveaway internationally. I see the Book Depository has the basic page available, though no pricing data yet. Of course it’d cost me a little more, since I wouldn’t be able to purchase it at wholesale prices. However, it’d be totally worth the extra cost just to be able to offer it to my buddies overseas.

Anyway, back to price. At $9, it came out to be about $0.013 per click for the giveaway. That’s right, less than 2 cents per click. Can’t beat that. In terms for the reading list. 66 people added it since the giveaway, puts me at $0.14 per click. Still not bad, if you ask me.

So my recommendation for authors: If you have a book available in print, definitely try out the Goodreads giveaway. I can’t think of a more cost effective method of advertising.



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