We have just a little over a year before the next Presidential election. As I was driving today, I thought about all the promises Presidential candidates make. A lot of the promises are great. However, it doesn’t mean the Elect be able to fulfill those promises.

A perfect example is Obama. He made huge promises during his campaign, and the people backed him. “Yes we can!” If you look at his results, a lot of those promises have been unrealized. I’m not putting this all on Obama. He’s tried to make good. Look at his record. No! Really look at his record. He has tried. The thing is Congress has a real great habit of blocking him. We’ve never really had the opportunity to see if Obama’s plans would have worked.

Today, I am announcing my intentions to run for office. Unlike other candidates, I won’t be offering promises which can be derailed by the House and Senate. Instead, I’m making real promises… promises which can be achieved with my efforts alone.

You may ask why should I vote for you, Reena?

And here’s my answer.

I run for the Self-Serving Party. That’s right. My sole purpose for wanting to be President is for my personal benefit. My book sales are low, and I know if I become president, those sales will skyrocket!

My promise to the American people is to offer more books by Reena Jacobs. As President, I may be short on time dealing with policies and all that political bullshit, but that doesn’t mean my writing business has to suffer.

I have a dream to become a bestselling author, and I have a plan to achieve that dream – becoming President of the United States of America. People, despite the stress of the job, that elected position comes with awesome lifetime benefits PLUS a decent salary and perks. This is what I’ll do with the salary portion.

I promise to use my Presidential salary:

  • For marketing my books
  • Hiring ghost writers to
    • Finish the books I’ve started
    • Turn my story ideas into books
  • Hire an editor
  • Hire a cover artist
  • Run weekly giveaways on my blog
  • Live the American dream

That is my promise to you.

As President, no Senate, no House can block my efforts to become a bestselling author. Why? Because I could do whatever the heck I wanted with my salary. I may not be the best President. Heck, there’s a good chance I’ll be the worst President in history, but at least I’ll be a bestselling author.

You may never realize your dreams, but you can help me realize mine!

Vote Reena Jacobs for President 2012!

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