Makyla SmithLately, I’ve been thinking about where I Loved You First fits into the world of reading. It certainly has underlying LGBT elements. However, it’s told from the view of a straight girl.

Any Queer as Folk fans out there? Yeah? Then I am totally there. I followed the series through to the end and loved it.

I remember the episode where Justine introduces Daphne (played by Makyla Smith) into the world of sex, and she falls hard for him. I’m not saying Alex and Seth have any sex-em-up action in I Loved You First, but I see a similar theme happening.

One of the things with Queer as Folk: we never really get to see the inside of Daphne’s life. She’s an important character, but not significant enough to have her own point of view. Her character is always seen through the eyes of another.

I Loved You First takes a show like Queer as Folk and comes at it from Daphne’s point of view. How does she feel as the straight friend to a gay boy? What’s her world like? How do his decisions impact her life. And most of all… what does she do for her growing love for him?

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