Shadow Cat Cover ArtOkay, I admit it. I need naps. There! I said it okay? Well, I got one. Move over Tony the tiger, because I’m feel GRRRREAT! I’m ready to work my butt off… Well, maybe not my butt off. But I’m ready to get some work done.

I woke up this afternoon to emails. I always seem to be getting those. One of them happened to be a review. Thing about receiving reviews, they tend to make my tummy flutter. Please don’t hate my book. 🙂 I drop everything for reviews… I just can’t take the not knowing.

The Romance Reviews squeezed my book in, and I have to say, Sueroe definitely has a way with words. I’m not going to ruin her 4 out of 5 star review. Head over to The Romance Reviews and see what she has to say about Shadow Cat.The Romance Review

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