I Loved You First Cover ArtNow that the Kickstarter project has come and gone, I’m moving on. Dave Parker edited I Loved You First so I was able to start working on the finished drafted far earlier than if I had to wait on Kickstarter funding. So the project didn’t fund, but I Loved You First came out on top nonetheless.

I’m quite excited about the upcoming release. August 1, 2011, if you missed the billion and seven announcements. 🙂 I started sending out ARCs on Sunday along with review requests. I think I got everyone who signed up to receive a PDF file. I’ll be sending out coupons to the Smashwords recipients upon release. So keep an eye out in your mailbox.

Didn’t receive an invitation to review I Loved You First? 🙁 Bummer. Here’s what you can do. Head over to Goodreads and friend me. I plan to send invitations one last time on Friday. That’ll give newcomers two (2) days to sign up to review I Loved You First. Last day to sign up is July 31, 2011. I also send rare newsletters out through my blog.

What newsletter? you might ask. If you sign into Ramblings of an Amateur Writer (my blog) through Google Friends Connect (GFC) and make sure the subscribe to newsletter button is clicked, you’re enrolled! Simple as that even though it took a massively long sentence to get it out.

Other things that are happening with I Loved You First. I’m planning a blog tour. Happy happy! Stressful Stressful! 🙂 So far my calendar is filling up nicely. The tour dates I’ve set are August 15 – September 15. There are still spaces available if you’d like to participate. And trust me, I’m welcoming any help offered.

So that’s that. 🙂

In other news. I’m thinking about holding off on the print edition. As an indie gal, I notice I sell very few print copies. So my focus is digital. What do you all think? How about September 1, 2011 for the planned release for print? Or maybe September 15 to celebrate the end of the blog tour. hmm.  We’ll see.

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