Even though I’ve decided to self-publish, I still follow a few of my favorite agents. I get regular updates, check out their blogs, and once in awhile even retweet the good stuff. At the same time, it surprises me when one of my agents tweet something worthwhile about submitting queries–a torturous letter I hope to never have to write again. For some reason, my mind says self-publishing is in. Are you people still sending out query letters?

I know it’s strange… not that folks still send out query letters, though my mind is like no way! Writers are self-publishing these days and throwing query letters to the wind (I know… faulty thinking), but rather that life continues as usual even though I’ve changed… I’ve gone in a different direction.

Anyone else feel like this? A change happens in your life, and it seems like the worlds on board. Only thing… there are glimpses of your past here and there which show that the world around you hasn’t changed one bit.

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