Now to share with you my first set back.

What?!!? The campaign hasn’t even started and you’re already talking setbacks?

Yeah. Apparently, Kickstarter campaigns require you to have an Amazon business account… or something like that. I knew that. However, I figured I’d get to it at the last moment. Well, I did. The thing is, there is an account verification process which goes along with this. After all is said and done, it can take anywhere from 5-7 days. Bummer. Let’s hope it doesn’t. With that in mind, I’m already thinking of extending the tentative end date from Saturday, July 18 to Saturday, July 25 or even the beginning of August, Saturday, August 2. We’ll see. I really want to get those 30 days in.

Other than that, this week has gone very well. I’ve been hella busy trying to get videos for I Loved You First finished. They aren’t the greatest, but this little amateur put a little something together. Today, I present to you the Kickstarter video.

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