I Loved You First Cover ArtI’ve been doing so well with my 200 word a day goal for Stray Cat and the 100 word a day goal for my New Adult novel. Everyday I’ve hit my tiny goal, most days going well beyond them.

Then Unearthly by Cynthia Hand started getting good. I was happily reading along, but when I’d finished was already past midnight. Yikes! Grrr! <sigh> Earlier in the day I’d topped off a scene for my New Adult novel, but hadn’t touched my Stray Cat. Okay. I think I’d added 1 word. I’m so sad to have screwed up my winning streak. And the goal is so easy.

Oh well. Today starts a new day. At least I can say I’m still going strong for the New Adult novel. I’m really liking this. The working title is “I Loved You First.” It’s quite out of my realm. Nothing paranormal about it, nothing romantic—more on the lines of a love story. I’ve been playing with the cover art a bit. Still needs some touching up. My youngest daughter loves it even though it’s not her type of read.

Anyway, this is my love child at the moment. I’m pretty much at the end of Act Two. I’m thinking when everything is said and done, it’ll be a novella. Gosh I’m loving this story.

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