I had the oddest dream last night. I don’t remember it entirely, so I’ll have to give the gist.

My memory of it starts in the food court at the mall. A group of us (some friends in my dreams but strangers I don’t recall ever seeing in real life) finish our meals and decide to cruise.So it’s late… maybe 9 pm, and we happen upon this live action game… or so it seems. The door is locked. My husband leaves us and returns a little later with the manager or something who opens up for us. I guess they had some kind of buddy-buddy thing going.

When we get inside we watch a video showing a medieval game–like laser tag. Only this is more advanced. You actually become the characters like in a video game. Dying means you disappear and return to the “start” line. The goal is to make it to the cathedral (for extra points) or the “finish” line. That isn’t everyone’s objective though.

There are two sides. The ones advancing to the finish and those preventing the former from winning.

We leave the room and head down one level. Before we get there, one of the guys in our party starts complaining about needing to get something to eat cause it’s 9:30, and he has to eat on a schedule. Dude, we just finished at the food court. I get the impression he is the tagalong guy in our group. The dork we put up with because he is just there. Yeah… I know… totally high school.

So we head down without him, and the manager guy takes us to the playing field. He starts handing out hats with roles written on them. I get mine and see “hyena” scribbled in small print. WTF?

Remember how I mentioned at the beginning it was more advanced than laser tag? Well when I’m in my role trying to keep the other team from entering cathedral or crossing the finish line, I actually turn into a hyena. I’m not sure, but I think the cap gives me the power to become a hyena.

While waiting at the finish line for others to get their role, I pull out a makeup compact. I notice my forehead is covered with pimples. I look like a teenager who hasn’t learned how to wash her face properly. Ugh. What the hell happened? It’s so bad, there’s no way covering it up will help, but like a fool, I try anyway. At least I can take away the shine, making it so noticeable. I dip my sponge in the dark brown and get to work. Everything’s going well until I swipe a bit more concealer and start on the other side of my face. Some how my dark brown has turned gray and way too much ended up on the sponge! It’s like liquid foundation.

Anyone who’s ever applied too much foundation knows what a mess I’ve got on my hands. I’m trying like crazy to rub this stuff off, but really I’ve turned into a half brown, half gray woman. The girl beside me is laughing, as she should be. It’s just awful. What I need to do is wash my face and start again but there’s no water.

Next thing I know, it’s show time. I’m running onto the field (as a hyena) yipping and yapping at people’s heels. Then the phone rings and wakes me up.

Interpretations anyone? Wanna share one your odd dreams so I don’t fee like such a freak?

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