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Unprotected: A True Story of Betrayal

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Happy Release Day

Unprotected: A True Story of Betrayal

Today, Unprotected: A True Story of Betrayal found its way into the world! So what’s it about?

Their duty is to protect us.
We’ve trusted them to do so.
When they betray that trust,
Who protects us from them?

In 2011, TSA installed Backscatter X-rays in airports. The media suggested the imaging scanners were to provide added security for the airport patrons. For Reena Jacobs, it was far from the case. This is Reena’s true story of when the system failed to protect her as a citizen.

Unprotected is the first of two releases I’ve planned for this winter. The second, Injustice Is Served, will be available later this month or early January 2012 at the latest. I encourage you to pick up Circulatory System, the first story in Injustice Is Served, which is a free download offered at Smashwords.

Two celebrate my latest release, I’m offering a two for one deal. That’s right. Pick up a copy of Unprotected at Amazon, I’ll send you a Smashwords coupon for a complimentary copy of Injustice Is Served once it’s live.

Unprotected is available today at Amazon and Smashwords. I’m still waiting for Barnes & Nobles to come through, so keep an eye out. Usually they’re a bit quicker, but I imagine with the Kindle Select deal happening, they’ve got all sorts of headaches. Keep in mind, Smashwords offers Unprotected in every format. To qualify for the promotion, I ask that you forward your proof of purchase to The email you receive from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, or Smashwords will suffice. Please include “Unprotected – Proof of Purchase” in the subject heading.

This offer expires December 18, 2011

Injustice Is Served

A flash fiction collection of seven psychological thrillers

Purchase Unprotected and receive a Smashwords coupon for a complimentary review copy of Injustice Is Served upon release.
Expected publication date: Winter 2011/2012

Circulatory System

Read the first story in Injustice Is Served today!

Circulatory System
A mother takes the love for her daughter to the next level.

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