I checked my CreateSpace account and found over $100 worth of print sales from various sources. I’m sure $100 worth of sales overnight is insignificant to some, but for this lowly author, it’s huge. And exciting!

I turned to my husband and said, “guess we made our $39 back.” $39, being the money for the premium distribution.

That was just a dream… just a dream… dream… dream.

By the way, my mother is visiting over the weekend… came in last night. My mother was already awake when I got out of bed this morning. I sat on the couch. “I had the most wonderful dream” and proceeded to tell her it.

She said, “really? That’s exactly what I prayed for you this morning… the lights flickered and everything.”

We had a good laugh off that one. So that just goes to show you, God does answer prayers, even if they only manifest in dreams.

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