I Loved You First Cover ArtLast night I finished it–the first draft of I Loved You First. I’m quite excited. I even managed to spell check it. Now this isn’t my version of editing, by far. However, I’m totally ready to send it off to beta readers who read for pleasure, clarity, and plot holes. More on the lines of providing feedback you’d find in a review rather than a thorough critique.

This month I start editing Chasing Shadows (book 2 of the Striped Ones series)–some for real editing this time. Not like the fake editing I did for book 3 last month, cause if you follow my goals on Ramblings of an Amateur Writer, you know that was a joke.

Editing Chasing Shadows actually gives me flutters in my tummy. Why? Because making an editing goal and sticking to it is big news for me. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, though I know it will be. I still have a few gaps to fill in it. But I’ve got to get it done, otherwise I won’t feel comfortable sending it to critters.

My goal is to have the three book series of the Striped Ones published this year. I just need to focus, focus, focus. Plus I think I can get I Loved You First out this year also. It’s the cleanest of all three drafts. If getting the Striped Ones books out weren’t so important, I’d edit this one right now.

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