Lately, I’ve been getting into this BookLending program. I haven’t borrowed any books yet. I just have too many already on my shelf to try to squeeze in an extra read. However, I am enjoying offering books I’ve finished reading to others. Usually, I wait until I’m done reading a book before making it available on BookLending. I think I’ve only loaned out one book I haven’t read, but I wasn’t expecting to need it for at least a few weeks, so that’s all good.

🙂 I’m rambling again. All this blabbing was to lead up to simply saying Shadow Cat is available at the BookLending. Well, I know I at least have my copy up for grabs. For all you giveaway junkies, it’d be like winning, cause there are only so many copies available to lend. So act fast!

If you purchase, steal, or borrow a copy don’t forget to leave a review. Little authors like me truly appreciate the time folks take to say a few words.

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