I’m putting Shadow Cat in yWriter and falling in love with my novel all over again. I absolutely love the story line. It makes me wonder if other authors feel the same about their work. I imagine they do. Otherwise, why look for literary agents and publishers to get their work out there? It’s odd to think sometimes that I’m one of thousands upon thousands of authors all striving toward the same goal.

I know Shadow Cat will get published. It’s that good. That’s not to say I don’t need to work on it a little more. I’m finding some spots that could use a bit of improvement as I transfer it into yWriter, but the story itself is awesome. This baby is going to find a home.

I know I’m just telling instead of showing, something you don’t want to do in a query letter, by the way. But this is just a bit of my ramblings. 🙂 Anyway, there’s an excerpt of Shadow Cat. It doesn’t get too deep into the story, but you’re free to read and of course leave a comment. Let me know if you’d read further.

I do have to warn you this has only been edited by me with guidance from a few critiques.

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