eyeballSo yesterday evening, my muse hit me hard. The lines were flowing, and I thought I’d really make some major progress. Then an odd thing happened. My vision did this funky thing. The best I can describe it is kaleidoscope action. You know how the picture is still there, but it’s blocky like? Well that’s what happened. One small area about the size of a dime and in the shape of a C played on my computer screen. I ignored it for a while thinking it would go away, and that I must have spaced out while looking into the light on the ceiling or something. Well it didn’t go away. About five minutes later kaleidoscope was the size of an orange. I could only see what I was typing if I didn’t look at the screen directly.

“Husband! Something’s wrong with my vision!” Yeah, I call him “Husband” just like I call the dog, “Dog,” and my kids “Daughter” and Son.” Sometimes it’s easier than remembering names. I gave him a quick description, mean while my funky C had grown to the size of a watermelon, and my right eyeball had started to hurt.

“Sounds like you might have a migraine coming on.” My husband settled back in his seat. He’d been nursing his own headache that evening. “At least that’s how my migraines start. Only I see squiggly lines.”

Migraines? I don’t get migraines. I heard those things suck! “What do I do? Should I take an aspirin? and Advil?”

“I’ve found nothing helps.”

I couldn’t accept this, especially since only my right eyeball hurts. OMG, as I wasted time talking about it, the pain had traveled across the bridge of my nose and was migrating to my forehead. I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Advil. My head didn’t hurt so much, one would be enough. At least I hoped. I opened the fridge. Holy cow! I felt like a vampire in the sun. The PAIN! THE PAIN! I barely managed to find the carton of juice through the blinding light.

I washed down my little green pill and tried to work on my manuscript again. It didn’t take long for me to realize my time in front of the bright computer screen was over. Since it was late, I hit the sack and tried not to move. I learned moving wasn’t good. No, it was bad. Very bad.

The interesting thing about this headache or migraine, whatever it was, was the pain. It wasn’t a throbbing sensation or sharp sting. It just was. Really weird. Like all of a sudden my brain was just too small for my skull and wanted to escape.

Anyway, I made it through the night, and I’m back on track. So I’m wondering. What are your bad headache/migraine cures? Not that I plan on having one again, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

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