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Ever have one of those dreams where you go to the bathroom to urinate 15 times? This isn’t a query letter, I can ask as many rhetorical questions as I want. Well, last night I had that with water. I’m laying in bed doing something or another on the laptop, and my daughter comes in the room. I ask her for some water. She gives me a smart Alec response, which she’s so fond of doing these days and takes my empty cup. A little while later she returns with water in a different cup. I take a sip. At the bottom of the cup there’s black gunk. Gross. I spit it back in the cup. Gross. I ask her what happened to my other glass? Did she just pick up a dirty cup and bring it to me? I send her back for a fresh cup, which she gets. Not sure what happened with that situation cause the next thing I remember, I’m getting my own cup of water.

I don’t realize this is all a dream until I wake up for real wanting water. In my dream I use a red cup, and I either drink it all or it’s mostly full. I don’t recall which. But on my nightstand I have a green cup which is only a quarter full. Not once did a green cup show up in my dream. Odd.

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