Well, I know how I work. I need deadlines to keep me motivated. And they do. I become obsessive about things when I’m on a deadline. Thing is. I’m not very good at making realistic goals, and always seem to set myself up for failure. I can’t recall a single goal I’ve set for myself and hit. Take my current writing deadline. Two months to finish and edit a book from scratch. Somehow I forgot it took me just a little over two months to get out the first draft of Shadow Cat, and then another two and half months editing. Which, by the way I’m STILL editing. I swear this Shadow Cat things is a non-stop progress. I just can’t seem to satisfy myself. I also have an editing goal for Shadow Cat. February 10, 2010 to finish another round of editing. Only 25 pages in a 350 page manuscript…so 20+ pages a day.

When I was in school or working, I never missed a deadline. Of course then, I didn’t set my own goals. Someone please set some realistic goals for me.

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