rollerbladesMy daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated it at the skating rink this weekend. My husband and I donned the stinky rental skates and hit the floor (a couple of times).

As the title states, my life is sedentary. I sit in front of the computer much of the day pounding away at the keyboard. I honestly haven’t exercised regularly for almost four years. Shame on me.

I did a couple of laps around the rink, and my heart said, “What the heck is going on?” Not to mention, my thighs cried. I had no idea how out of shape I was until that moment. But I tell you, I didn’t let those smelly skates beat me! No, siree. I got right back out there once I regain consciousness. Each time took a round at skating, it got easier and easier. Eventually, my heart found its rhythm, and I was good to go.

Overall, I had a blast. I got my husband to sort of do the Hokey Pokey. He didn’t get the hand movements down, but he did turn around. I feel so relaxed and energized.J I can’t wait until my next daughter’s birthday. Skating is definitely on the list.

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