Just finished watching Law Abiding Citizen.  I loved it. It had me guessing all the way to the end. I had no idea what to expect–half the time I didn’t even know why things were happening. Even with all the unknown, I wasn’t the least bit confused about the story line. For the most part it was well scripted.

I know a lot of people like happily ever afters (HEA). This one had one. I also think it was its failing. Life doesn’t always have an HEA, so why do movies? My husband reminded me several times during the movie that it’s an American movie so would have the HEA. (Did I mention we watch foreign films, which often don’t have an HEA?) Well, sure enough this one had its HEA, in a since. 🙁 I really wanted the bad guy to win, no matter how psychopathic he was. He was like a rebel without a cause.

Still, it was so good, I have to give it a 4.8 out of 5 stars.  -0.1 for a couple of glitches in the plot (I’m hard critic) and -0.1 because I don’t think it deserved a HEA.

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