No Karate on Monday. Happy late Memorial Day! Cause freedom isn’t free.

Today I did have karate. And let me tell you, I embarrassed my out of shape self. Sensei Sadist decided we’d do this thing called 1000 kicks. It’s kind of like the death of a 1000 cuts, only you get to live but want to die. Thanks to the many breaks, and I do mean MANY, I managed to keep from passing out, even if I didn’t stay on my feet. I made it through the first 200 kicks (barely). The next 200 kicks…well, not so much. I’m going to say I did somewhere between 400-500 kicks total.

Somewhere toward the end, my heart realized we were doing this thing and decided to get with the program. Of course by then it was over. 🙂

I didn’t have the nerve to bring up the refund I mentioned in the last post. Yeah, I’m a coward sometimes. Sensei Sadist PR had my back though…kinda. He pulled me aside after class for a one on one. We talked by the cost versus the two-day-a-week thing. He didn’t offer a refund, but he did offer a compromise. He said even though I’m not a green belt, I can come more often than two days a week. I hate special treatment, but I’ve convinced myself that’s fair.

Technically, though I’m so out of shape I’d be embarrassed to wear it, I did earn a green belt in GoJo Ru karate. I even have the certificates. Not that green belt is a high level or anything. Since people typically take their rank with them (and he follows that policy), I’d be a green belt in his class. But oh my word, would I be ashamed to take the breaks I need while wearing a green belt when the other white belt can get through the workout.

So he gave me a choice. If I want to come more often M-Th for martial arts, I can. If I still don’t think the price is right, I can terminate the agreement at the end of the month (no refund). Not the Mon, Wed, Fri I’d hoped for, but I could still get my three days of exercise in a week. Thanks, Sensei PR Sympathetic. Now I just need a job to support my new habit. 🙂

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