gardeningIt’s that time of year folks. I started my seeds at the end of February and have been waiting ever since to stick something in the ground. Yesterday, I finally did it. I plugged my Sweet Peas and Morning Glories along a fence. I’m debating whether or not to do more morning glories. My son, the little imp, battered them and I only ended up with three or four survivors. 🙁

I’ll get around to planting the rest of my seedlings later this week hopefully. Some of them I want to grow just a little more before letting them free.

Today I started more seeds to decorate the front. I’ve been procrastinating with them. I probably should have started them early march. Oh well. Next year I’m starting all my seeds in January/February so that by the time it’s warm outside they’ll already have flowers. And the boy will be older then and less destructive…I hope.

Good news! My husband is outside at this very moment building two more raised beds for me, bring my count to four. I have plans to put two different types of strawberries in the two new ones. I’m hoping to squeeze one more bed out of him. I went a little overboard with the vegetables this year. One of my older beds has strawberries which spread like weeds, but haven’t produced anything I’d stick in my mouth. 🙂 I’m giving it one more year before I pull those up. That leaves me only one raised bed for vegetables. 🙁

I’m also hoping for grapes this year. This is our third year with a grape vine. The first year we thought it had died. We were surprised to find it alive last year. My husband built a grape thingy and it shot up. Absolutely beautiful, though no grapes last year. 🙂 This year my husband trimmed it back, but he thinks he went a little overboard…so maybe no grapes this year either. Crossing figures!

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