whipRecently I decided to reenter the military. I remember from previous experience, running was a problem area for me. I dread going back in and having to run my buns off. So, I’ve been trying to prepare. It’s been a full week since I last ran. In fact, it’s been a full week since I’ve done any exercise since Tuesday was the last day I went to karate also. My excuse? Laziness.

Well today I decided to get back in the groove. I planned to run first and head to karate directly after. My husband called around 6ish. By then I’d started to waiver about the run and/or karate. I told him over the phone I think I’ll just skip karate, but I’m going for my run now. Hung up the phone with him, cleaned a little, then hopped in the shower. 🙂

By the time I got out of the shower, my dear hubby was home. We dinked around a bit then he asked me how my run was. Run? What run? <sigh> In an ever so unassuming way, the bastard guilted me into running. Reminding me of my goal to get into the military and all.

So how did I do? To begin, my goal is modest. I walk up my drive (not sure the distance, maybe 100 yards), run to the stables (0.4 miles), run/walk back (another 0.4) miles, then walk back down the driveway (another maybe 100 yards). Eventually I want to run the entire 0.8 miles to the stable and back without walking. I just need to pull out the motivation, cause I know physically I can do it. It’s the mental block which gets me.

The entire trip took me 12 minutes which comes out to be 15 minutes miles. WAY TOO SLOW for the military. If I’m generous and say it takes a minute to walk up the drive and another down, I’m still a bit on the slow side 12.5 minute miles. Ultimately, I need to get my run time under 2 miles in 22 minutes (11 minute miles).

I feel like i should be apologizing for rambling, but this is senseless chatter.

Anyway, here’s to my slave driving husband who convinced me to run today. I really needed it.

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