Okay, here’s the deal. I want to try M/M Romance. I love paranormal stuff! I’m big into eroticism. I’m not shy. I’m also up to a good contemporary romance here and there. Last night I started “Catch Me If You Can” by LB Gregg. I enjoyed the writing, but still no hint of a romance 25% into the book. Definitely an interesting mystery happening, but not my thing at the moment. I want Romance, and I want it now! Now, I’m not dissing LB Gregg, I’m just not up to the mystery right now. Sure…something good might happen in the next 5 pages, but I’m impatient.

Because I’ve yet to get to any romance, I’m still calling myself a virgin on this.

So, I’m trying “Somebody Killed His Editor” by Josh Lanyon. I have no idea what’s in store. I hope it gets to the good stuff fast. I’m only on page 3, but I’m already impatient because of the LB Gregg novel.

I’m taking a break from this read to put out a plea! Please! If you know of any M/M of M/F/M that simply rock and hits the good stuff in the first chapter, by chapter two if nothing else, TELL ME! PLEASE! I want to know what the M/M hype is all about.



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