No pictures this time. I don’t think my audience could handle it.

I usually take showers, but once in a while I like a hot bath. This typically means an extra thorough cleaning of the tub. Tonight was that night. I looked down the drain, cause even that must meet inspection, and found a bit of hair wrapped around the metal. EWW. Of course that’s a no go. The more I pulled the more that came. 🙁 Squishy bits of black hair with matter stuck to it.

Now, I’d like to blame someone (my husband) for this disgusting mess. But I couldn’t. I knew it was all my fault. My beautiful, natural mane of hair (yes, mane…think lion) only looks three inches long shriveled in tight spiraled curls (Velcro is not my friend). In reality it stretches to about a foot. Unlike his silky brown strands which float effortlessly down the drain, my dark locks coil and try to strangle everything in their paths. Welcome to the love-hate relationship with my hair.

Straighten it? NO WAY! Cut it, well maybe one day. It’s only taken a couple of years to go from a quarter inch to this. Until then, I’m stuck with liberating escape pieces from the drain.

If you made it through this disgusting rant, thanks for listening. Time to get my bath water ready.

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