I’ll start by saying, I’m not a little girl. I’m perfectly okay with that. Being stick thin has never been a dream of mine, even when I weighed 112 graduating from high school. A little meat on my bones for curvature is ideal. So you might wonder where this is coming from?

This weekend we stopped by a balance scale, and I weighed in. I was shocked to find I weighed 12 pounds more than when I first married four years ago. In fact, most of the weigh gain I put on during the last year or two. I knew I was plumping, but just not that much. So, I was already in the mood to shed a few pounds.

Then the big whammy. Someone sent me a picture of myself which he took last week. I couldn’t believe it! Was that what people saw when they looked at me? Now here’s the thing. I’ve been in denial. I know I’ve put on weight, but I’d convinced myself I hardly look any different. That picture proved me wrong.

I have three goals. My first is to get to my wedding day weight which is 152 pounds. I’d be delighted with that weigh–absolutely no complaints. My second goal is to get under 150 pounds. This would be my yahoo! I rock goal! My last goal is 145 pounds. This would be I’m da bomb goal. Now I have the impossible dream 134 pounds goal, which I’m not even trying to hit. I haven’t been this size since I left the military.

So! how am I going to accomplish this? First, I need to choose a fitness center. Right now, I have three choices I’m considering. Each has pros and cons to them.

First is the martial arts studio. As far as likability, this is top of my list. I’ve done martial arts in the past and have absolutely loved it. I can do this everyday and not get tired of it. Another benefit is it’s close. I have to motivate myself to get out of the house as it is. The short drive is just that much less to worry about. The cost is $59 the first month and $89 thereafter. The major con to this is the cost. $89/month ouch! With me not working and money already tight, I have a hard time justifying spending nearly $90 a month.

Next on the list is Curves. It involves doing a 30 minute circuit and seems to offer quite a bit of online support as far as weight loss. It’s a bit of a drive, which is a con. The cost is $70 set up fee plus $34 a month. The membership fees include any location worldwide, so where ever I go I can take it with me. The major concern I have is, will I use it? It doesn’t look like something I’d enjoy. However, I spent a year riding a boring elliptical machine for exercise. Of course I read at the time, so it wasn’t all bad.

Another option I have is to join the local gym. It’s a little closer to me than the martial arts studio, so a plus! This place also has an indoor Olympic sized pool. I have access to an outdoor pool during the summer. The indoor one lacks an important feature–kids! 🙂 Another plus! The cost is $100 set up and $42 a month. The biggest con I have about this is it’s a gym. Years ago I purchased a three year membership for about $1500 to a 24 hour fitness.  It included a one month trainer, but as soon as my month ended I stopped going. Part of the reason might have been the trainer also. I’m not big into pain. One day he pushed me so hard it hurt to move my arms for a week. I trusted he knew what was best for me. I was wrong.

Last option–the gym also has a fitness trainer who offers a 4 week boot camp. 🙂 For $250 I get full use of the gym and one month of personal training (8 sessions). What I like about it is it’s 4 weeks. I can actually deal with that, plus I have someone to push me at least twice a week. If I decide to continue using the gym after the boot camp, the $100 setup fee is waved, and I just pay $42 per month after. The biggest con for this is the $250 in one pop. For $250, I can get almost 3 1/2 months of martial arts training.

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