Oct 252010

slapSometimes I have to control the urge to slap the piss out of some folks. Take this scene from my life.

Son: Want more!

Me: After you eat your vegetables or potatoes.

Son points to the empty spot on his plate where his meat used to be: More.

Me: I said no.

Husband disappears into the kitchen and returns with a huge hunk of meat which he puts on Son’s plate.

Me: Why did you do that?

Husband: He wanted more.

Me: I just told him he couldn’t have more.

Husband: But he’s hungry.

Me: So now he’s just a meat eater and can have whatever he wants?

Husband: Fine, I’ll put it back.

Me: Forget it. It’s already been on his plate. You don’t put that back. That’s nasty.

Son hops down without touching the meat on his plate: Done!

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