I just read an awesome post at the blog Word Wranglers called “Arms that Hold You Up” by Laurie Wood. I found it very motivational. It also came at an awesome time as I’m in the middle of writing the next book after Shadow Cat. I’ve been wasting quite a bit of time on other things instead of writing. In the past two days, I think I’ve written a total of 2 pages. Yes, I open the document and write a little (can we get some micro font for “little”) each day. But really, 1 page a day is ridiculous. I’ve decided what I really need is a break from this book. So, I’m pulling out a novel (okay, it’s not really a novel–it’s one chapter and some notes) I started a month or two ago. I’ve felt the motivation to finish this story for awhile. I’ve put it off cause I felt it more important to finish the next novel in line of the Shadow Cat series. Okay…now I’m rambling, which is why I placed this here instead of on the blog. But I definitely want to revisit this concept of motivation at a later date.

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