Okay, it’s my birthday and I’m totally into myself right now. My husband gave me a kiss and wished me happy birthday on his way out. He just called me again for another birthday wish and asked where I wanted to go for dinner. 🙂 I put in my birthday wish list, so I’m totally getting what I want–a Kindle, $$, and gift certificates to bookstores. FEED THE ADDICTION! Hubby surprised me with a laptop stand a couple of days ago as an early present. My face hurts from smiling. We’re celebrating my birthday (late) over the weekend, and Mom promised me strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM!!! I know I’m bad. I don’t care about surprises as long as I get what I want. I learned it from my mother, btw. Try it sometime, and you might be pleasantly not so surprised when you get what you want too! 😀 Anyway I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about me. Cause really, it’s kind of conceited. Anyway, I just want to leave you with this little video.

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