Bad Lieutenant Ever watch a movie and feel dumb as hell for watching it? Yeah. I know it’s a rhetorical question, but this isn’t a query letter. Anyway Bad Lieutenant was that movie for me.

It’s like that book you wish you’d set down after the first 3 pages, but keep reading hoping it’ll get better. You make it to the end, and you’re so angry you’ve wasted a portion of your life on it.

The worse thing about it, I know the director and screen writers laughed when they created this movie. They laughed because they knew someone (me) would be stupid enough to sit through the entire thing no matter how stupid it got. Bad Lieutenant. No! Bad Producers! Bad Writers! Bad Director! BAD PEOPLE! BAD! BAD!

I mean for real, I told my husband in the second scene this better be based on a true story. The freakin’ cop went around with a gun stuck in the front of his pants the whole movie. Come on…who does that?

Then there was this scene where the camera guy must have gotten bored cause he played with a lizard. Seriously. He played with the lizard in the middle of the scene. Nicholas Cage WATCHED as the camera man played with a lizard in the middle of the scene. Did I mention the camera man played with a lizard in the middle of the scene?

And the ending of the movie. What can I say? It would be like me

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