Before you read this, remember…it’s not called rambling for nothing. It’s unedited, I’m not even going to try. So, don’t judge my writing by this.

This literary agent thing is getting out of hand. Now they’re showing up in my dream. Now, I don’t remember all the details of the dream, guess that’s the way they are. I do remember a couple of literary agents, not sure exactly how they fit into the dream, but I know they were in it cause I remember their presence. So, the dream. I needed some kind of cure which was at the bottom of a cavern flooded in water. I had to swim down to a locked box with a key, which had three locks on it. All this had to be done before I drowned, but I could swim back to the top for water. Took me two tries to open the box. I had to drink the liquid I found in the box. I drank it under water, not sure how that happens, but you know how dreams go. Then I made a quick swim to an embankment in the cavern. Ended up in a room which looked like a medieval laboratory (goblet skulls and weird stuff). Picked up another vial a desk and drank that. I turned into a bat and flew back to the top of the cavern, which was just a normal room where it all started.

That’s where the literary agents came in…I think. She had to get the cure too. But she was too stubborn to work with me as a team so we could get the elixir together, since for some reason I had to get the cure again. Then a friend joined me, and tried to help me get the cure which for some reason was harder to retrieve the second time. Finally the agent joined us and we set out to get the cure. My friend drained out all the water to the cavern, which was annoying, by the way (I was put out because I wanted to get the cure the way it was designed with the water and all). Silly, but I guess it shows a little bit about my character and wanting to prove myself. Then we found out if you drink the liquid on the desk first and then the box, you turn into a zombie instead of a bat. Not sure why I wanted to be a zombie, but that’s the road I was on before my husband woke me for breakfast.

Thank you for reading my unedited dream in the form of rambling form. BTW, not sure where the second agent came in, but I remember seeing him there.

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