Mulligans (4 out of 5 stars)

Last night. Wait…early this morning I stayed up way too late watching Mulligans. But it was all worth it. Sexy, hot manflesh. I gave it three stars just for the actors, forget the acting. Yeah I’m shallow like that. Oh. The plot was decent also, add two stars. Only thing…well one of many things. They must have had a tight budget, cause I think they only used one song which they had on auto repeat. That was lame, minus half a star. Another thing which annoyed me was the guy took the best friend to his marriage bed. They could have at least done it in the beach house, -minus half a star. I also don’t like that Dad left when Mom wanted to work it out. I don’t believe in that separation crap. How do you work things out with your lover if you’re not there to do it? Separation just leads to more separation, followed by divorce. Stupid script made it seem like people were gay or straight, no bisexuals. Grrr. Where’s my angry smilie? -minuse a star. Where are we now? 3.5 stars? Plus half a star for the lines. I loved them.

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