Shadow CatUh, kinda. Not exactly. I guess I kind of need one, right? Well, I know how busy folks are. Writers are writing, bloggers are blogging, readers are reading. And if everyone’s to be read (TBR) pile is like mine, getting through some halls is troublesome.

So. A little about Shadow Cat. It’s a contemporary fantasy with romantic elements. Think Urban Fantasy, but in the the jungle (not city). 🙂 It includes shape-shifters and demons. The sex scenes are graphic but still erotic (at least to my writer eyes). As such, the beta reader should be 18+. The work is currently about 100k long.

Yes, I’m being vague. But this isn’t a query letter. 🙂 If you’re interested in Beta Reading, I’ll send a teaser along with the first three chapters.

If you’re from Malaysia, it’s a bonus. If you speak Malay, it’s a double bonus. I wrote the novel in English, but it does have some Malay parts. And since I’m not from Malaysia nor speak the language, I wouldn’t be surprised if I flubbed things up. I want to get the language right and make sure I didn’t offend anyone culturally.

Just for filling out the form, I’ll send you the first three chapters. Don’t feel obligated to finish it if you don’t like what you read. Just send me a reply saying it wasn’t for you. If you want (AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT), tell me why it didn’t work for you. But that’s not a requirement. 🙂 Simple as that.

I’ve revised and edited Shadow Cat so many times, my eyes dry out just thinking about another pass. However, I will tell you the first 3-5 chapters are most likely more polished than the others. They’re the ones I’ve entered into contests, had the heck critiqued out of, and sent to editors/agents. So they’ve gotten a bit more eyeball time than the rest.

So! If you’re interested, fill out the Beta Reader Form. 🙂 Thanks!

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