SnickersIt all started a couple of weeks ago. I ventured from the house and went grocery shopping. I blame the discounts. A two for oner,and my favorite: Snickers. 🙂 I plopped the two bags in my shopping cart and almost went my merry way. Except! Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups were on sale also. My second favorite! Double yum! In they went.

Moderation is the key. I’m a firm believer that one should not deny themselves of the sweets they love, but rather eat them sparingly. Did I mention I love Snickers? I did a good thing buying the snack sized treats. Eating one is far better than eating the king sized bar or even a full bar for that matter. Plus great news: A serving of two was just 70 calories. So if I ate one, I’d half that. Woohoo! Something negligible. I’d burn that off walking to the kitchen for a treat.

So I pigged out on the Snickers and ate the Butter Cups sparingly (110 calories per serving there and for just one cup). Except one thing. I didn’t realize until I was halfway into the second bag of Snickers the 70 calories referred to fat, and a serving was really 160 calories. Oh well.

Here’s the funny thing. I swear I lost a few pounds that first week. Seriously. Either that, or my scale’s broken.reeces

Today, only three Butter Cups remained of my stash. I plucked two out of the fridge, a bit saddened the candy bar diet was coming to an end. It didn’t take me long to devour them and head back to the kitchen for the last. Yum yum!

Getting rid of the last piece of candy was also a relief. No more temptation. 🙂 I wish I could say the candy bar diet was the worst of it. But I haven’t been to karate for two weeks, not since I started munching on those goodies.

I stepped on the scale tonight. I’ve lost a total of five (5) pounds since I gobbled that first Snickers. Hmmm. Is my scale broken? Or does the Candy Bar diet really work?

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