Stray Cat Chasing Shadows

The Past Never Dies

As the runt of the litter, Kecil should have died young. The day her mother was murdered, she wished she had. Six years later, her mother’s killer comes out of hiding. Small, insignificant, and useless to her clan, Kecil seeks the wehr-tiger who destroyed her world.

A wanderer branded as a murderer—as undeserving as he is, Mujur only wants to find a place he can call his own. Determined to atone for his past and prove his worth, he hunts the demon which threatens a wehr-tiger matriarch.

When Kecil comes face to face with Mujur, she must decide how much vengeance is enough.

Book 2 of the Striped Ones series

(paranormal romance/suspense)

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