Okay, I admit it. I’m an impulse buyer. Once in a while, those splurges hit me as the wrong answer. My karate purchase was one of them. <sigh> I feel really down right now. Monday, I joined a Dojo. His initial offer was $59 for the first month, which included the uniform. Thereafter it would be $89/month. As I mentioned in a previous ramble, it was pricey in my mind, but something I knew I’d stick with in the long run. I showed up to class with my own uniform (I have several from previous martial arts lessons.) Since I had my own uniform, he said if I joined the Dojo, he wouldn’t charge me the $59, but go straight to the membership fee starting next month.

Before you call me a dumb-dumb, let’s just say I had a brain fart. I signed up for a year contract, which starts June 1 with the first payment June 15. Yeah, do the math–one free week, no uniform, and $87.50 for the first month. Already I lose out on $30 with this plan. PLUS, there was a down payment of $100. So now I’m at $187.50 for one free week and no uniform for the first month. I had an inkling of wrong, but for some reason I squashed my misgivings.

Okay, I’m almost fine with this, cause I’m going to get fit. The Dojo is close and I’ll use it. He takes my check and all. “So I can come as often as I want?” I asked.

“No, twice a week until you’re a green belt,” he said. “But you can do the kick fit which is free.”

For your information, kick fit is an exercise thing which he offers three times a week. I pondered it for awhile and thought, okay…I guess I can get my third day of exercise in with kick fit if I go Saturday morning.

Today’s Saturday, I slept in. My normal routine, and I doubt it’ll change. With reality here, I’m thinking I get two days of workout a week for $87.50/month. I’m not happy. I know myself enough to know I don’t like aerobics enough to get me out of the house on a regular basis to do kick fit.

I hop in my truck and head to the Dojo full of buyer’s remorse. I take a glance at my contract and see it has a three day clause. Doh! That would have been Thursday. Masta Sensei isn’t there, but the lady leading kick fit takes my name and number.

Masta Sensei called a few moments ago, and we discussed my buyer’s remorse. He said he hasn’t turned in my contract, so he’ll let me out of it. On the other hand, I get no refund on the money I’ve paid ($187.50), but he’ll let me continue for the month.

I feel rather robbed. 🙁 I paid $187.50 for one month of service and no uniform which would have come with the $59 trial membership. I want to cry; I’m so disliking myself for being rash enough to jump into this even knowing I had a bit of misgiving. And I’m feeling resentful against Mr. Sensei for not offering at least a partial refund saying no to a partial refund.

What are your thoughts on this? Even if you say a contract is a contract, I’d be fine. At least I can pretend like he did the right thing.

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